UGV as military personnel support system

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About UGV platform

Next-generation military technologies and innovative digital solutions help counter the new challenges that military and security forces face in the digital age. The advanced scientific and intellectual capacity in our R&D laboratory sets Brasa Defence Systems Ltd apart from other military manufacturers. Our latest innovation is the UGV platform as military personnel support system; a mobile platform with an intelligent navigation system developed by armed forces, national guard experts, and industrial designers.

Multi-mission support

High modularity means it is suitable for several applications. While its open architecture enables integration of different payloads.


Unit support

for transporting a unit’s equipment, armament and ammunition.


Combat support

for installation and relocation of sensors, surveillance systems, and engineering equipment.


Combat service support

fulfillment of supply and resupply functions, evacuation of casualties.

UGV platform features

Designed for operational challenges of today, to explore capabilities and establish development base for tomorrow.



Platform is designed to be controlled by tree modes:

Manual control


Follow me


Compact and quiet

UGV main advantages are its compact size, low profile, and balanced weight, which is designed to be lifted by 2 soldiers.


Supply & logistics

UGV is  designed to be able to seamlessly integrate into other means of transportation deployed to the site of operation.The platform is able to meet the needs of larger missions due to its ability to be ergonomically assembled to fit into a sea container for shipping.



Durability tests have shown large variations of UGV performance in all weather conditions and in difficult terrain.


Integrated Airless Tire Wheel Assembly

For this UGV platform is designed and manufactured a custom integrated airless tire wheel assembly. Test results confirm that the damping effect of this assembly ensures stable performance even at full load and workload.

Technical Specification

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  • Max speed
    20 km/h
  • Length x Width x Height
    100 x 79 x 37 cm
  • Weight
    70 kg
  • Rated payload weight
    150 kg
  • Maximum payload weight
    200 kg
  • Maximum grade
    60 %
  • Maximum side slope
    45 %
  • Ground clearance
    20 cm
  • Pull force
    6 KW
  • Battery run time
    120 min
  • Power options


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